When the Gospel is Abused

Most people would agree that abuse is toxic, destructive and inherently evil. Whether it be physical, emotional, sexual, financial or institutional, these are still viewed as reprehensible in society today. One abuse, which has eternal consequence, has become commonplace in America today: the abuse of the gospel and principles of God. Where once stood a reverence, respect and awe of God, now stands a perversion and assault against the Word of God and its divine precepts.

This is nothing new. Throughout history nations have rejected the gospel of Christ. Christ himself faced this very rejection among His own people in the cities where he lived.  But be not deceived for God will not be mocked, there are always severe consequences to a society, a nation, and a people when the   gospel is abused.

In Matthew 11:20-24, we find a turning point in the tone of Christ’s ministry and a severe warning to those who abuse the gospel. Christ pronounces a woe on three cities. These three Galilean towns were known as the “evangelical triangle” because Christ had spent 80% of his ministry there. The people of that area were witnesses, even recipients, of His divine wonders, miracles and mercies. They reaped the benefits of His gospel. They were consumers of the grace God shed upon them.

Yet, despite all the blessings, it could not change their minds about the gospel. They would not repent of their independent attitudes of heart. They would not cease from counting on their own righteousness to earn God’s favor. They would not turn from their own ways, from their own thoughts and accept the gospel as Christ had delivered it to them.

Now think about America and the grace God has shed upon this land. What have we done with the gospel? For most of society, it has been abused. We have  become a nation that is content with  consuming the mercy and grace of God while abusing the very principles and  precepts taught by God’s Word.

This abuse is not without  consequence. Just as the three biblical cities received their judgement, America will also face the consequence for mocking God’s righteousness. II Peter 2:21 says, “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than after they have known it to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.” A nation which once knew the grace of God but now chooses to reject it is forever changed. May it never be said of us  individually that it had been better if we never knew this wonderful gospel of Christ.

by M Karns