An Appreciation for God & Our Freedoms

As the year draws to an end, it causes us to reflect on the year’s events. The difficulties of the year have made it volatile. Consider the memories made, lessons learned, goals met along the way, then sprinkle in some hard times, setbacks and obstacles faced. When recalling the events in your life, I hope you find the good times outweigh the bad.

Personally, my family has faced tough times this year. Going through those times has a way of bringing a realization that no matter how hard a problem may be, someone is always facing a harder one. This realization always brings a great sense of thankfulness to me. It makes me feel that even when lean times come, my cup is running over with blessings.

One obstacle our nation is facing is the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These effects will be felt for a long time, even for generations to come. We have lived through a historical moment.

Reflecting back, I wish to focus on the positive moments from a time that brought much upset. The pandemic was a reminder of how reliant on our Creator we are. It is easy in this age of technology and innovation to feel self-reliant. God helps us prosper in many ways. Still, the danger remains in forgetting to acknowledge Him.

We must seek God’s approval and guidance through each obstacle of life. What a true assurance to know that God knows the beginning and the end of all things and will be the Rock that holds us steady even when adversity comes. He provides a peace in the midst of the storm.

Another positive the pandemic highlighted was a deeper appreciation for our freedoms. America is founded on our duty to acknowledge God as our Creator and that belief helped shape the US Constitution. We observe people in our country doing their best to undo what the Framers created. Many people in a position of power seek to manipulate our freedom to assemble, to worship, to provide for our own families, or to come and go, as we desire.

Many of our civil liberties have been infringed upon during the past year. The pandemic has accentuated to me how easily we can take for granted the most valued things we have.

~ K Karns