To Press On to a Bright Future

This past year has been full of life altering challenges. Some of those challenges have been positive influences on our life and others have been detractors. Our regular routines were interrupted and we had to adjust to all changes we faced. Waiting in long and winding lines at the grocery stores was an aggravating experience as well as spreading out six feet between people and wearing itchy, cloth masks over our faces. These annoyances changed the way we interacted with family and friends because of the lack of personal contact like seeing a smile, embracing or shaking hands.Being isolated with my family helped me to work on having more grace, patience and understanding. It was a time to reflect and evaluate the things in my life that needed to change or improve. Adjustments were made in the way the congregation worshipped at church and interacted with our pastor. I was thankful we could still hold virtual services but it was not the same as physically attending a service.

The Church of God is a place of peace, comfort, hope and assurance. A place where we all believe the same thing, the Word of God. I greatly missed hearing the testimonies in person of what God had done in people’s lives. It is my faith in God, God’s promises and a true pastor that helped me through the pandemic. Being able to get back to church in the recent months was like coming home from an extended trip. It is where I belong and desire to be.

Counseling with my pastor over the phone was not the same as meeting face to face. The pandemic made me consider what is most important: it is not the chores around the house that need accomplished, planning our next vacation. What is most important is completing the will of God in my life.

The very thing that divided us also brought us together. Neighbors reached out to other neighbors. The situation we faced as a community helped bring out the best in people. As a Christian and an American, I have come to value our God-given liberties even more. To me, it is a great blessing and honor to attend church services and even more to hear the Truth preached as God intended. This gives me an inspiration to continue pressing forward.

I would like to think my life is better because of what we have gone through. It has made my faith stronger. Proverbs 4:18 AMP “But the path of the just is like the light of dawn, That shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

~ T Major