Why Our Name Matters

What is so important about a name? Does it really matter what someone is called? When a baby is born into a family, he is given the surname of the father.

Whether tied to a person, place, or group, a name is a source of identity and individuality, and can carry great power and reputation. Just as mankind places great importance upon achieving a name worthy of honor, God is particular about the name of His church.

What name does God intend His church to assume? God is often referred to as the “Father,” and His people as “children of God.” Following this pattern, it is a logical conclusion that children of God would make up the Church of God.

More valid than human logic is the biblical reference to the “Church of God” in the Bible, where that title is used to describe the church at least twelve times in the New Testament. It’s important to note that this is the only given name for God’s church in the Bible and is the origin of the name “Church of God.”

Accepting the titles inside the Church of God however, is just the first step. With the name comes a responsibility to be a representative of the identity and reputation that comes with the title. This responsibility is demonstrated by yet another name for God’s people: “Christian.” The word Christian translates to “Christ-like,” or following after the sin-free example of Christ.

Following Christ’s example is a common belief in the Christian world, but the Church of God believes in following God’s commandments without diminishing their purpose. When taking the name of God as their own, no duty is greater for Christians than to live worthy of His name.

– S Roxbury