The Brave In Blue

An individual vows an oath to serve his country. They wake up each day and puts on their uniform ready to report for duty- to serve and protect. This public servant goes to work each day never knowing the dangers that may put his life into harm’s way. These public servants deserve our respect and honor, and this respect and honor should come automatically with the position of authority that they have been granted.

A country without law and order is a world of chaos and insecurity, and we depend on authority to bring that order. A short time ago, peace was taken for granted as well as the serenity that structure provides. In lieu of recent events our security has been rocked to the core. Protests that may have begun peacefully quickly turned into violent riots after the sun went down. Vandalism, looting and shootings have chipped at the walls of fortitude around us, making us feel more vulnerable.

Imagine the lives of the police workers who swear an oath to uphold and protect the law. Their bravery has become even more rare since many of their colleagues have retired or failed to report for duty. This has produced unpatrolled streets, no response to emergencies, and lack of enforcing the law. Will this result in anarchy?

Respect is at the root of order. It provides the stepping stones for law enforcement agencies to perform their tasks with confidence and efficiency. A lack of respect causes a degenerate to ignore or challenge laws, the same ones that keep us safe. A lack of respect in essence is a lack of patriotism. Failure to rightfully respect these leaders is an injustice and disservice to all America.

By K. Karns