Scroll down for audio from Bro Charles Chadman’s Funeral, May 5, 2020 at Young’s Funeral Home.

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Charles Chadman Obituary

January 12, 1940 – May 3, 2020

20200506 Bro Chadman’s Funeral

NYE 2004 – Jon Kline, posing as an old man, goes to Extra Space Storage in Banksville, home of Bro & Sis Chadman to sell his donuts in a fundraiser for his church. Bro Chadman, always ready for an opportunity to witness, doesn’t disappoint, hitting divine healing, doctrines, the backist (Baptists) and more, including giving ‘Jim’ his tract.

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  1. Brother Chadman – a very special man. Wonderful sense of humor, loving, gentle. Whatever his cologne was, it was his signature scent. Memories at Boy’s Camp, Snipe Hunting, Fishing Contests, Hunting, First Haircuts, Stories of his youth in Lamartine. The Bear. Most of all, his testimony, his witness, his praise, his worship, his love for the Church of God! The needed Sparkplug in service at times. His belly scratch/Tie Adjustment after the water was delivered to the pulpit. The helicopter jump. May his memory and testimony last generations.

  2. Brother Chadman is very loved and will be greatly missed. He always had a smile. All of the kids loved taking to him.

  3. Bro Chadman was one of my oldest friends, from the time I was around 12 yrs old. He and I shared a birthday and he loved to remember mine.
    For all you saints, I will be putting momemtoes from him on the bulletin board at church. Please bring and put up any pictures you want to add. Put your name on the back to have them returned. They can then be added to the website.

  4. Brother Chadman was easy to cheer and easy to laugh. He enjoyed a good time even if the prank was on him. He was known for pranking others to add to the fun. One Memorial Day when I was a young mother I was hurriedly eating my meal and tending to my children. Bro Chadman offered me some hot sauce in a bottle as he knew I liked it on my food. When I tasted it the pain felt like my tongue was being pierced. He laughed and showed me the label- Insanity Sauce. It was the hottest thing I ever tasted. He quit laughing when I couldn’t get my breath. We have always been friends. I will miss his sweet smile and infectious laugh. Looking forward to Heaven!

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