Socialism’s Silent War Against America

The seeds of socialism were sewn in our great country many years ago and have sprouted into a radical political agenda today. From laws passed in state and federal government to accepted societal norms, socialism has latched onto the citizens of America. Our country is split in two halves; one half of Americans who are aware of the threat of socialism and the other half  who ignore the danger or support the socialist cause. Socialism has infiltrated almost every major avenue of life in the United States—leaving virtually no sector untouched. If left alone, it will drain our once God-fearing nation of all of its values.

Socialism is a political philosophy that Satan loves. It is his brainchild, a doctrine of demons chronicled by Karl Marx. A close examination of the teachings of socialism makes its diabolical nature readily apparent. Jesus said that Satan “comes only to steal and to kill and  to destroy.” (John 10:10) Satan’s favorite thing to steal is freedom and nothing robs freedom as efficiently as socialism.

Atheism is the commandment of communism, and socialism is the final step which leads to communism. (Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels in 1848.) The implementation of socialism involves empowering government to forcibly take wealth from the rich and the middle class and distribute it to the poor. As can be expected, a philosophy that denies the truth of God’s word will yield a result that is fraught with evil. Socialism has spread in the US because her citizens have been lulled to sleep. What used to offend the conscience is no longer much of a concern. Here are examples:

 Big Tech: We see this in the de-platforming of conservative apps, and the suspension or termination of conservative-leaning accounts.

Education: American History is not taught accurately or is taught with an anti-American approach.

Media: Main-stream media is no longer known as objective, but drives liberal agendas and at times decides policies.

Law Enforcement: Senior level police have retired because of purposeful budget cuts and loss of authority, new recruits are trained in more socially acceptable classes.

Corporate America: HR policies favor progressive policies and use termination as a consequence for opposition.

Entertainment: Broadway musicals and Hollywood movies promote sexuality and elimination of the nuclear family.

Religion: Clergy “dumb down” the gospel and congregants are taught to accept ideology.

Family: Many parents, especially fathers, acquiesce to teenager’s wishes on clothing, relationships and technology.

What may be thought as merely immorality is actually socialism in disguise. There are forces in the world that are intentionally asserting their progressive and socialist agendas over the concerns and ideals of conservative Americans.  

One may look no farther than a list of 45 communist goals ( that were published in the book “The Naked Communist” and read into the Congressional  Record 1963, and how these goals were created to explicitly erode American values and traditions. What was a goal of the communist forces in 1963 has become reality.

Whereas capitalism fosters happiness and prosperity, socialism creates fear and oppression. Socialism misappropriates the compassionate intentions of Christians in meeting people’s needs while rejecting God’s expectations that adhere to the Christian faith. This may leave many feeling despondent because not much can be done to    overturn the powers that be. However, much can be accomplished at the family level.

Nuclear families are perhaps the largest target of Socialism. Two parents (husband and wife) who raise their own children at home is an offense to progressive philosophies but a credit when viewed in the eyes of God. It is important parents teach their children to obey God above everything else.

Children are losing their innocence well before biological  maturity begins. This is partially due to the digital age we live in.  Parents who allow young children to have their own internet devices or be babysat by them contribute to this depravity. This has been likened to the child being left alone on a New York street corner. In addition, this leads to children desiring something more entertaining than what is appropriate at their age.

Socialism creeps into society and takes families unaware. It is subtle and if allowed to take hold, it will rob a family of all things good and decent. Parents act as the children’s moral guardians. They need to be rugged in these times as we face this assault of socialist ideals.

If America is to continue to offer life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, her citizens must be cognizant of the threat of socialism and be willing to protect their God-given freedoms at all costs.

 ~ M. Karns