He WILL Care For Me

“I trust in Him, though disasters grim before me seem to be; He calms my fears and He dries my tears, and FAITHFUL is to me! No matter what happens He will care for Me! “ –“He Will Care For Me,” C.W. Naylor

What a message of hope! We are told in God’s word to “Cast all your care upon Him; for He careth for you!” (I Peter 5:7) The above inspirational song lyrics were written by a man who had many reasons to be cast-down. But C.W. Naylor refused to let his own despondency prevent him from achieving happiness.

Charles, born in 1874, lost his mother at the young age of eight and was sent to his grandparent’s home to be raised. Throughout his life, he had anemia, kidney issues, and other health problems. At age twenty, after attending various religious services, he was born again through the message of salvation. He had searched the scriptures looking for something that would free him from sin and give him power to overcome. (Another song he later wrote is entitled “Be An Overcomer.”)

Naylor was married two different times, but each wife soon made him a widower. Then, while still a young man, he was involved two separate accidents which led to many injuries and left him totally bed-ridden.

Despite suffering terrible grief coupled with constant health issues which led to permanent disability, he kept confidence in his Father. He was daily in pain, yet became a prolific songwriter. He has, for over a century, encouraged and lifted many a discouraged soul through his songs of faith, hope, and confidence. No matter our distress or difficulty, our trust should remain undisturbed in God!

The Church of God hymnal includes many hymns penned by Charles Naylor who also wrote other inspiring literature (Secret of Being Strong, and Secret of the Singing Heart). Friend, at times when your faith is struggling, remember God’s compassionate care for you. He looks down on each trial and will bring you through if you trust Him.

“I will not fear for the Lord is near, and He will care for me!”

-by C Smith