Testimony: A God Who Heals

In June of 2019, Sally Kline, a young grandmother and member of the Church of God at Connoquenessing, noticed a painful lump on her body. This perplexed her, however she determined to keep it to herself, not wishing to cause undue fear or panic. Sally’s desire was to continue working tirelessly for God and the Church, not letting age or cares of life distract her.

But in August, the pain became unbearable, and she made the decision to confide in her pastor and pastor’s wife. They advised her to inform her family, a difficult task, as she wanted nothing less than to worry them. As a result, her close family then began fervently praying for her health.

Pain increased, and fear gripped Sally’s heart, pulling her thoughts and meditations into a swirl of “what if’s.” Time passed, and seeing no improvement, Sally began to believe her faith was not strong enough. Sally’s frightening affliction put her at a crossroads: leave her problem in God’s hands or seek medical attention. She knew her family and friends would respect her decision regardless, and continue to pray, but Sally was inspired to trust God’s healing power.

She decided to cast fear aside and lay her problem in His hands. Without delay, God moved and Sally’s pain almost completely dissipated. This gave her a renewed assurance of God’s presence and power.

God had already healed, but soon the devil tried to intercept. Fear attempted to wrestle its way to her heart again, but she held on to His promises in the Bible, which diminished her fears. The pastor and church supported Sally by sending encouraging scriptures, such as Psalms 34:19 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”  Each service at the Church of God brought Sally joy, because of the pure preaching- direct from God, along with the uplifting songs.

Sally has since learned that fear confines an individual to unbelief and torment. Thankfully, she did not have to bear her burdens alone! The support of the family of God lightened her load. For anyone facing a trial, Sally’s advice is to stay close to the pastor and allow the Bible to penetrate your heart. Above all, she’s learned that God really does possess the power to heal his saints, if they develop an unbreakable trust and wholehearted belief in him. Thank God for healing!

-By C Gibson