Our Own Cross, A Perfect Fit

One evening, a couple was having a conversation after their children were asleep. Each had experienced difficulties and were overwhelmed with how they were feeling. The burdens of life weighed heavily and they went to bed with weary hearts.

As they slept, the Lord Jesus came to them in a dream. He took them into a room filled with crosses of various sizes. “My children,” He said “I see how troubled your hearts are, and I will allow you to choose a different cross to bear instead of the one you now carry.”  Eagerly, the husband reached for a cross and his knees nearly buckled under the weight. “That cross belongs to Joe,” said Jesus. “He hurt his back and suffers pain nearly every day. Hanging his head, the husband resolved to appreciate his own blessings more.

Meanwhile, the wife was experiencing similar difficulties with the cross she had chosen in her dream, and the Lord told her it belonged to her neighbor. Her husband was without work so the bills were adding up, and she also had to care for her elderly mother. Then Jesus pointed out two crosses and told the couple to pick them up instead.

“This is my own cross,” the husband exclaimed in surprise, “It appears larger than many of these other crosses, yet it does not feel as heavy as the first one I picked up.” His wife agreed and asked the Lord how this was so. “When you pick up your cross and follow me,” Jesus said, “I give you the strength and grace to shoulder your own burdens and will not let more come upon you than you are able to bear.” The Lord swept his arms and indicated the other crosses, “I will do the same for anyone who will follow me,” He said in all love.

Do you feel overwhelmed with your cross? We can always go to God. He wants to take away our burden of sin and help us through our troubles. Matthew 11:28-30: “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.“

– R. Trauger